Jennifer Roth Photography | Alloway New Jersey Portraits - Four kids and a camera

Alloway New Jersey Portraits - Four kids and a camera

August 12, 2016  •  7 Comments

  Being a mother of four is by far the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my life.  Yet I am compelled to start a photography business to add to the chaos of my life!  Why would you want to do that Jenn, you may ask?  I have this incredible gift to see beauty in everything and I am so grateful to be able to express that through my photography.  I'm truly inspired by nature, love, and relationships.  And I'm not sure I can feel fulfilled without sharing this passion with the world.  I want to engage with people and connect with families as often as possible because it makes my heart smile!  I want to show people what I see.  I want them to feel the emotion and essence of a moment when they look at my photographs.  There is so much beauty in our every day moments that we tend to overlook but I have the ability to literally freeze those moments and share them with you! So here's a little insight into my muses and the beauty I see in them...




Amazing, Jenn! So much is captured in these shots. You're truly doing what you have set out to do! Keep up the wonderful work!
Kara pickell(non-registered)
Jenn, your work truly captures tender moments, laughter that you can almost hear through the pictures and the wonders of nature. Your pictures inspire me to stop and live in the moment and enjoy life. Keep it up! Your passion is clearly shown in the work you do!
Love love love. Keep it up.
Melanie Rogodzinski(non-registered)
I love you!! You are one of the most beautiful people I know! I am so excited to see you branch out and be you! You will be amazing! You are so talented and I can't wait to see you grow and produce beautiful work!
Holaday Fam(non-registered)
You're awesome! We love the pictures you took of our family. You captured some special moments of Laurielynn that I didn't even see as it was happening. I love the beauty and happiness that shines through your pictures. Thank you!
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