Jennifer Roth Photography | Alloway New Jersey Beauty within series - Eleanor

Alloway New Jersey Beauty within series - Eleanor

November 03, 2016  •  3 Comments

Photography is a wonderful outlet for me.  It makes me feel alive!  So I've decided to create some fun images to reflect women who inspire me and play a role in my life.  I'm calling it my beauty within series.  I want to show these women just how beautiful they are when they are doing something they love.  Because let's face it when we make time to do what makes us feel alive everybody wins.  Our souls shine bright and we glow with radiance.  These photo shoots enhance my life in so many ways.  These women deserve to feel beautiful.   So if I can just capture a few moments of time when they are feeling alive and free and I can display the beauty I see within them each day.  My heart is full and I grow and learn from them with each experience.  Eleanor is one of my best friends.   I watched her put herself through law school while working full time and she made it look easy.  She's brilliant and holds those who are dear to her very close to her heart.  The girl has an incredible way with words and can make you laugh so hard your face hurts.  She's dependable, adorable, and completely in love with her dogs.  She also has a love affair with reading books and Harry Potter is her current obsession.  So when I suggested we take some photos of her in my backyard and do a fun Harry Potter photo shoot she was all about it!  Watch her come alive in this first photo shoot of my beauty within series.



Jenn this so great loved sharing this experience with you, and all put others!!!!
The glitter is still my favorite! Love that one!
Jenn J.(non-registered)
These are absolutely fantastic ❤️ You capture so much with your art!! My favorite is the sparkles ❤️
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