Jennifer Roth Photography | Alloway New Jersey Equestrian Portraits - Jael and Sneaks

Alloway New Jersey Equestrian Portraits - Jael and Sneaks

November 21, 2016  •  3 Comments

When Alyssa contacted me and asked me to do portraits of her daughter and her horse I got pretty excited!  I am a huge animal lover, so I was elated to be given the opportunity to capture the dynamic between this beautiful little girl and her horse.  We went out to her Aunt's horse farm and explored the farm and met the other horses for a bit.  They were so healthy and happy and the friendliest horses I've ever been around.  One of them even put his head on my shoulder while I was photographing Jael, he wanted to make his presence known and that made me laugh!  It was clear that Jael adores her horse and the relationship between them was seriously adorable.  See for yourself in these precious photos. 


Cathy McGhee- Short Hills Farm Alloway, NJ(non-registered)
Hi Jenn, You did such a beautiful job with Jael and Sneakers. We enjoyed having u here and my daughter and I plan to have u back out at our farm to get pictures of our other horses. Looking forward to it will plan it for the spring. Thanks Cathy
alyssa winnberg
Thank you SO much Jen! You did a WONDERFUL job of capturing Jael with Sneaks. I'm having a really hard time deciding!!!
I love love love these! They turned out so perfect Jenn!
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