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Alloway New Jersey Beauty within series - Jennifer

February 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

   I met Jennifer just a year ago when I started taking yoga classes at a local gym.  I was immediately drawn to her style and energy as a yoga instructor and a friend.  I've been practicing yoga for many years and have worked with a huge variety of instructors and there is something special about Jen.  She has a huge passion for the yoga lifestyle and all that it encompasses yet she has an edge to her and I really appreciate that about her.  She is an incredible mother and I truly admire her strength and will to advocate for her 11 year old daughter Olivia.  Olivia has been diagnosed with epilepsy, autism, migraines, intellectual disabilities, & brain malformation. She has a VP shunt that drains fluid from her brain into her abdomen.  She has many special needs and Jen adores her.  She focuses her energy on making a positive impact on her life and she embodies the unconditional love of a mother.

    It is evident that practicing yoga frees Jen's spirit and and makes her feel alive so it only made sense to photograph her doing yoga.  She even brought her tibetan singing bowl that was beautiful magic to my ears ringing throughout the woods.  We began our photo shoot practicing yoga together to loosen up and enjoy the gorgeous autumn day connecting with nature.  We had some wonderful conversation about our roles as mothers and the challenges we face as well as the joys and smiles.  Connecting with Jen and photographing her was a soulful experience.  I appreciate her strength and grace as well as the mystical vibe she displays and I think her photos reflect that and the magic within her!



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