Alloway New Jersey 40th birthday session - Taralee

February 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

I was really excited about this photo session because I recently turned 40 and could totally relate to Taralee's desire to celebrate herself and where she is on her journey.  Taralee was feeling very vulnerable as she is not one to put herself in front of the camera often.  She enjoys taking photographs of her children and nature but as a woman it's easy to hide behind the scenes and not take the time to celebrate ourselves.  So I was honored to have the opportunity to help her break out of her comfort zone and join her in celebrating her fabulous 40s.  We wanted to capture different sides of her, so we took photos in the woods as nature brings her peace and is one of her happy places.  We also wanted to capture her playful side so we photographed her with 40 colorful balloons in an open field which really allowed me to capture her inner child.  She loosened up so much she was doing cartwheels!  We concluded with sparklers as they are a symbol of magic and celebration and it was the perfect way to end our photo shoot.  I enjoyed this session tremendously, connecting with Taralee was such a joy and capturing her beauty and playful spirit was an absolute pleasure. 



Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and for capturing my 40th birthday in such a unique and special way. I can not wait to get some pictures printed or even a little book made. I look forward to future shoots together.
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